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John Pappas: The Actor Who Is Hiding In Plain Sight

By Dominique Martin

With a career that has spanned more than forty-five years, he has appeared in countless movies and television shows. People who see John Pappas in public are likely to think they somehow know him, rather than thinking they saw him acting in a movie. With his chameleon like acting skills, he may not be recognizable from one role to the next.

Born in Oakland, he spent his youth in the greater Bay Area. His alma mater is San Francisco State University. Passionate about pursuing his artistic dreams, He made his way to Hollywood and Los Angeles where he could find acting jobs. He was able to find plenty of work.

He is a multi talented individual. Not many people can act, write, direct and do stand up comedy. Name a detective show of the 1980s and he had a guest role. He also appeared in numerous sitcoms. He also made many appearances on the popular daytime talk shows of the 1970s as a standup comic.

He also distinguished himself with his work in the theater. He was a playwright, a director and an actor, all at the same time. In all aspects of the performing arts he has proved himself a worthy player. Very few actors achieve the success that Pappas has on such a wide spectrum of the performing arts.

Part of his acting talent is the ability to change face, to somehow morph into the face of his character. This how he has been able to play bad guys, good guys and just ordinary guys and be equally believable playing all three types of characters.

He made many guest appearances on one of the longest running soap operas of all time. He also has a long stint, twenty-two years, as a regular in the same soap opera. Most fans did not recognize him from one role to the next. He played his character, rather than playing himself.

For a time when he was doing stand up comedy he part of a two man comedic team. The pair would tell jokes and sing, not unlike another popular duo of that era, the Smothers Brothers. It was all good, clean fun. The team poked more fun at themselves than anyone else.

The list of his talents thus far have included acting, writing, directing and comedy. It does not stop there. For decades he has painted and created works of art in an abstract impressionistic style. His original paintings hang in private homes from the United States to Europe and can also been seen in some art galleries.

He truly has the best of both worlds. He has enjoyed success and celebrity without the pitfalls of stardom. He and his wife live happily with their two dogs, Golden Retrievers, who have been the subject of some of his paintings. He made it work. He has the balance of creativity, productivity and personal fulfillment. Really, who could ask for more. He has been gifted with many talents, but he had the wisdom and discipline to put his talents to good use. Congratulations to this fine actor. It is a rare man who can achieve this balance. For all we know, he is a Zen master too.

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